In addition to my love of travel and entertainment writing, I’ve also worked for a few lifestyle mags and websites, and specialist titles.

Here’s a small sample of some of the features I’ve worked on…


Do Biodegradable Nappies REALLY Biodegrade? An Investigation (MadeForMums, 2019)

Should We Be More Positive About Parenting Online? (MadeForMums, 2019)

What’s It Really Like To Have Your Labour Induced? (MadeForMums, 2018)

Can Eating Brazil Nuts Help You Conceive? We Ask The Experts (MadeForMums, 2019)

Can Eating Pineapple Help You Conceive? We Ask The Experts (MadeForMums, 2019)

Can Vitamin D Supplements Help You Get Pregnant? An Investigation (MadeForMums, 2018)

How Much Sugar’s In Your Favourite Ice Lolly? An Investigation (MadeForMums, 2018)

‘Miracle Cure’ Lush Sleepy Lotion: Does It Actually Work? (MadeForMums, 2018)

Are Decongestants Safe To Use While You’re Trying To Conceive? (MadeForMums, 2018)

The Best Baby And Pregnancy Freebies, Plus How To Get Them (MadeForMums, 2018)

Why Bump-Shaming’s Got To Stop For Good (MadeForMums, 2018)

Every Single UK Toy Sale Happening In 2019 (MadeForMums, 2018/2019)

We Explain What Really Happens During The Entire IVF Process (MadeForMums, 2018)

Women’s Lifestyle

We Tried Out The Best Gym Alternatives & Fitness Trends, So You Don’t Have To (Grazia, 2016)

Why 2016 Is The Year Of The Newsletter (Grazia, 2016)

Help, I Have Post-Dissertation Fear! (HelloGiggles, 2014)


10 Films All New Mums Need To Watch (Like, NOW) (MadeForMums, 2018)

12 Of The Most Fashionable Films In Cinema History (Grazia, 2016)

Real Life

One Mum’s Story: ‘I Had A Stillbirth, Then My Husband Had A Stroke’ (MadeForMums, 2019)

7 Powerful Rainbow Baby Stories To Inspire After Loss (MadeForMums, 2018)

What It’s Really Like To Adopt A Baby For A Gay Couple (MadeForMums, 2018)

The Truth About Tokophobia: One Mum’s Powerful Story (MadeForMums, 2018)

I Bought Sperm Online. Deal With It: One Woman’s Journey To Motherhood (MadeForMums, 2018)


Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy Style: Her Best Maternity Looks Yet (MadeForMums, 2019)

Meet Maddie Ziegler, Your New 13-Year-Old Style Crush (Grazia, 2016)

How To Dress Your Child Exactly Like Prince George (MadeForMums, 2018)

How To Dress Your Child Exactly Like Princess Charlotte (MadeForMums, 2018)

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